Integrity, Honesty, Respect
Metairie Movers INFO knows that your possessions are extremely important to you and understands that these items have considerable personal and financial value. We assure you that we will handle your belongings as if they were our own, with great care and thoughtfulness. Our objective at Metairie Movers INFO is to offer exceptional service to those that trust us with their belongings.

At Metairie Movers INFO we work together as a family to provide you with excellent service. We work hard to develop a strong and lasting relationship with our customers. We treat you as if you were our family first and our customer second. We strive for outstanding customer reviews and rely on word of mouth referrals to help our business grow. We always do our best to earn your trust and satisfaction.

Metairie Movers INFO is honest and upfront, that is why we share our contract, guide of moving, rates with you before your move.

We are licensed and insured; and have professional hard working movers who care about you and your possessions and will treat both you and your things with the deepest respect. At Metairie Movers INFO we understand the value of a dollar. We know that price is important when choosing a moving company. You will find no hidden fees when working with Metairie Movers INFO all of our costs are disclosed up front. We will shrink wrap and cover your things in quilt padding at no extra cost. The use of our wardrobe boxes and specially designed TV create are also included in our standard price. We do not charge extra to protect your belongings because we feel it is a natural part of the moving business. At Metairie Movers INFO we value honesty and will always be upfront with you regarding your move.