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There are so many types of moves that are undertaken by Metairie Movers Info. It’s important to know the type of move you are taking so that you can prepare accordingly. One of the categories that our experienced movers offer is The Long Distance move. A move which takes place within state lines, but is still more than 50 to 100 miles is going to be considered a long distance moving. Long distance moving requires a great deal of planning, preparation and time-why not ease the burden by hiring a well known company like Metairie Movers Info. Our professional long distance movers will aid you in every step of your relocation as they are trained in all of the proper procedures for packing, loading, transport, unloading and unpacking. Our company is highly reliable mover because it is pre-screened and scrutinized to ensure stellar service and glowing reputations. We don’t compromise our standards.

In an industry plagued by scams, unlicensed movers and poor business ethics, Metairie Movers Info stands out to offer the best solutions to all your long distance worries.

Finding a trusted long distance mover has never been this easy. So many things happen, sometimes a job or family or just plain restlessness may force you to pick up and move across the country. While moving across state lines can be a chance for a new adventures and new sights, it can also be daubing undertaking. Not only are you in a completely new locale, you have to get all your stuff there too. While you might be scared at the expense of hiring a moving company, Metairie Movers Info has the most affordable moving rates compared to all other moving companies. We also give our clients the most important moving tips that we feel might be important to make that long distance move.

STEP ONE-Come up with the budget for your move. If your move is a complete relocation, then what is the allowance that your employer has given you to move? Be sure to look over the rates and full list of prices from mover, and beware of hidden costs. Keep in mind that moving for work is a tax deductible event as long as you are moving more than 50 miles for your new job and you work in your new location for at least 39 weeks of the 12 months following your move. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows a deduction of any moving expenses (including travel and lodges for you) in excess of employer paid expenses.

STEP TWO – Now that you have your budget in mind, start thinking about the size, timing, and other requirements of your move. Are you moving out of a house, apartment, or condo? Do you have room for all your furniture and belongings in your new location? Are you searching for the cheapest possible storage option? Are your move dates flexible? Do you need to hire a full service mover .These considerations will affect the cost of your move.

STEP THREE- Shop for a moving company that will give you a stress-free service at an affordable price. We at Metairie Movers Info are the people you need to take you for that long distance relocation. We got all that you need.

STEP FOUR-Use the moving checklist to help you ensure that you do almost everything before and after the big day. When it comes to moving distances, Metairie Movers Info has what it takes. We qualify as a long distance move and we will give you the quality service you need and make your moving experience an event you can not forget.

How we do it

We start by providing you with a personal move consultant—a professional experienced in moving people from Cerritos to Boston to Bangkok and everywhere in between. Your consultant will identify your needs and create a custom move plan with services tailored just for you.
Perhaps you just need a team of professional movers to load your boxes, move them safely to your new home, and then unload them in your new space. Possibly you just need someone to expertly pack your fragile items. Or maybe you want a moving team to handle the packing, loading, moving, and unpacking. Either way, our team of full-time, fully trained crews and supplier crews will treat your belongings and your property as if they were their own.

You’ll like the way we move.
Metairie Movers Info is proud to be among the largest independent moving companies in the United States. That means we have complete control over every move we make—from the services we offer, to our state-of-the-art moving trucks and equipment, to our highly trained staff of move coordinators and moving crews.

Every Metairie Movers Info crew member is a full-time professional —accountable and committed to delivering the highest level of customer care. Everyone here is accountable. Before crews can even pack or load a thing, they go through intensive training where they learn how to properly prep spaces for a move, how to pack and unpack, and how to load. After every move, our move crews are evaluated to ensure the highest levels of service and care. It’s no wonder Metairie Movers Info has one of the lowest claims rate in the industry, and why 98% of our customers wouldn’t dream of making another move without us.

Trucks and transport that keep you moving

Our fleet of more than 165 GPS-enabled trucks is designed to meet your needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all here. Instead, we choose the truck that will best fit your move. Each truck is designed for efficient loading, and maximum protection of your belongings while in transit. All trucks are maintained in house to ensure optimal performance and safe handling. We reserve extra trucks for each move just in case plans change. It’s why our load times are on time—100% of the time. Additionally, all trucks tread lightly on the earth with an aggressive fleet sustainability program.

Itemized inventoried lists
At Metairie Movers Info organization is king. If you’re moving into storage, or out of state, we carefully inventory each and every item and its condition before it’s loaded onto one of our trucks. That way, we can know exactly what we’re transporting, and effectively track your shipment. Want to see an inventoried list?

Tuck your worries and your belongings in storage.

Don’t want to take everything with you? Need a simple, affordable storage solution to unclutter your house while you get it ready to sell? Metro Moving Services offers a variety of storage solutions—from our Metairie Movers Info Valet portable storage solution a highly affordable and easy alternative to self storage, to our own meticulously maintained storage facilities.

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