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At Metairie Movers Info, we are specialized in carrying out special types of moves. These are moves that require extra care.
For most, moves are stressful. But for some families with special situations, the stress that comes from moving can seem insurmountable. Metairie Movers Info has the experience and the knowledge to ease the transition for families with special situations. We know that this isn’t just about moving boxes; it’s about moving people and moving lives.

(a)MOVING SENIOR CITIZENS- Moving from the home you have always known to a retirement community or an assisted living facility can be one of life’s most stressful situations. The seniors themselves go through a myriad of emotions; and it’s even hard on the adult children and caregivers, who often experience a great amount of guilt when they decide to move a relative to a more suitable abode.

(b)WORKING WITH PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES- Some, schedule, order, and consistency are not just necessary in the home, they’re mandatory just to get through the day. Everyone knows that having your entire life in boxes spread throughout your house is stressful. But then when you have to navigate those boxes with a medical or special condition —the stress of moving can seem unreal. Metairie Movers Info offers excellent moving services that cover all areas in the moving circles.

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✓ Packing Services
✓ Special Storage Solutions
✓ Special Moves
✓ Moves Requiring Extra Care
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